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Trends In Property - What's App-ropriate

David Nitschke, Principal, First National Real Estate Pope Nitschke says there will be a stronger focus on technology for the property market this year, but cautions buyers and sellers to make sure they know the most app-ropriate ones that are fit for their purposes.

“We know consumers crave information because it gives them power, control and improved certainty over their purchase decisions,” David Nitschke said.

“So, the more information we provide, the better our service delivery. That's why we have worked so hard, to stay at the forefront of technology in our industry and to ensure we provide the public with what best suits their needs.”

Mr Nitschke says one technological advancement set to revolutionise the way consumers access real estate information is the Point-Know-Buy (PKB) trend.

“PKB will reshape consumers' information expectations, search behaviour and purchasing patterns,” Mr Nitschke said.

“Which is why it is crucial they understand how it works whether they are interested in buying or selling property.”

PKB enables consumers to access information about objects they encounter in the real world while on the go, simply by pointing their smartphone or similar device at anything they are interested in.

“What PKB does is effectively links images to any available information about that picture,” Mr Nitschke said.

“Which means a buyer can be out and about, perhaps at a display home or open house, point at a prospective piece of real estate and access any available information about it just by pointing their phone.

“No more sitting for hours in front of a computer looking for that ideal house, or being limited to receiving information based on matching words for search engine optimisation or how well you describe something.

“The information will be at their fingertips and instantly accessible, making it much more efficient and convenient for house hunters.”

First National Real Estate Pope Nitschke already uses mobile technology to its fullest advantage through various Apps which give consumers control.

“We can instantly add a customer's wish list to our database which will highlight properties that are suitable matches,” Mr Nitschke said.

“We can also demonstrate to home sellers the impact on the number of potential buyers if a selling price is too high. Our mobile Apps allow our agents to demonstrate, using a sliding scale, how many buyers are waiting on our database for their home, based on their asking price.

“Mobile Apps also allow us to offer superior property management services for both landlords and tenants through an application that adds a tenant to our database at inspections and another one that enables us to provide a much more thorough and efficient condition reporting tool for landlords.”

The coming 12 months is expected to see a full-blown expansion of technology, especially PKB, and First National is advising consumers to make sure they are up to date with all the latest breakthroughs so they can use the one most app-ropriate for their needs.