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First National Broadens Appeal To Flood Victims

The First National Real Estate network, through the First National Foundation, has broadened its national bushfire appeal, to include assistance for those who have been affected by the devastating floods across the Eastern states of Australia.
Last month the network joined Red Cross calling, asking for all Australians to dig deep and donate to assist victims of the recent spate of bushfires across the country.  It now says the money it raises will also encompass helping flood victims, many of whom are still recovering from the last deluge of water in January 2011.
“Australians can always be relied upon to extend their generosity to those who are less fortunate themselves, as we have seen time and time again over the past few years,” David Nitschke, Principal, First National Pope Nitschke said.
“As we know, Australia is prone to disasters of all kinds, especially over the summer and wet seasons, which is why we are urging everyone to give generously and support those communities most in need.
“Our members have always been involved with the support of their local communities and, over the past six years, the First National Foundation has donated more than $2,200,000 to the Australian Red Cross as a result of our fundraising efforts.
“People know that when they donate through First National Foundation, their donation will reach the people who need it most from individuals, families and farmers, right through to the community level.”
Bushfires and floods have affected thousands of people across Australia, with many suffering untold losses, including their homes, pets, livestock, sentimental and personal effects and, in some cases, their livelihoods as well.
“As we have seen in the extensive media coverage of these events, there are many who are still trying to get back on their feet after they were last inundated with water or fire and it is heartbreaking to see them suffer through the same trauma and loss in such a short space of time,” Mr Nitschke said.
“But, it is at times like these, when communities are threatened by natural disasters, we redouble our fundraising efforts through the Foundation, which donates to the Australian Red Cross and its assistance to Australians in disaster preparation, response and recovery.
“Even today, as the nation faces some of its most challenging elemental conditions, including one of the worst fire-prone seasons in decades, the money we have raised in the past is still being used to assist those areas affected by some of the most devastating disasters in Australia’s history.
“Many of these people are the ones that we have helped to purchase their homes, or move into a new one and we feel their need as much as if it were our own.
“This is why we value our partnership with the Red Cross.  It affords us the opportunity to give back to the communities where we live and work, as well as be involved in activities that can make a huge difference to our clients.”