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Nov '16

What is the deal with Community Title?
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Michael Nitschke

Community titles are a type of land title in South Australia. 

It essentially consists of a land division of at least two allotments and an area of common property. It can relate to both residential, office and even commercial use.

Once the plan for the development is deposited at the Lands Title Office a community corporation is formed. The name sounds rather official, but it essentially is made up of the owners of the lots located within the plan.

The job of the community corporation is to look after the administration and maintenance of the common property, and to ensure that by-laws are adhered to.

The community corporation meets once a year to review matters and to ensure that the community is adequately insured by law.

The by-laws are submitted with the community plan when the development is lodged at the Lands Title office. They are a basic set of rules which are put in place to ensure that the neighbourhood functions in a reasonable way to maximise the enjoyment of owners of lots within the community title.

Community Title is not for everyone. Often the advantage of a community title is that the development remains presented in a good standard, as the by laws include expectations for maintenance of each lot and the common property.

The disadvantages can be that as an owner of a community titled property you may feel a loss of privacy with neighbours becoming involved with the maintenance of the properties within the title.

There is a perception that community title can be expensive and is often confused with strata title. In more cases than not, the community fees are quite affordable and may take into account basic costs such as insurance which is essential for torrens titled property as well.

Strata title is no longer an option for subdivision since June 2009. The main difference between strata title is that the boundaries of a strata unit are defined by structural aspects of the building (such as a wall or ceiling) and community title boundaries relate to surveyed land measurements .

The administration for community title is much less than strata title. The maintenance of each lot is the responsibility of the owner in community title which is another key difference from strata.
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