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Nov '16

Open Inspection Myths Debunked
Michael Nitschke Posted by
Michael Nitschke

Lights, camera action! It's open day and its time to shine. 

Open homes can be misunderstood - I think that it's time to debunk some of these myths.

Time and Day

I find a lot of sellers become very concerned about the time of day to set their open inspection. 

Saturdays can be a day of kids sport for families. There is also a concern that many people work on Saturdays, particularly those in the retail sector. 

Similarly Sunday's can be viewed as a "lazy day" with the perception that folks are slower to get the day underway. There are also religious reasons to be considered with church services conducted on Sundays.

The reality is that most buyers make decisions on how they use their time based on what is a priority for them.

Think about your own actions as a buyer - if you sold your home and needed to move, and saw a home you were interested in you would make it a priority to inspect that home when it was available. 

If you couldn't make an inspection time, you would then enquire with the agent to see what alternative times might be available.


The weather in the Adelaide Hills is so varied, and it makes planning that perfect open inspection almost impossible.

Every seller would love that early to mid 20 degree day with sun and a gentle breeze but the reality is that is impossible to plan for.

If it rains on your open day don’t despair! Make sure you home is set to the appropriate climate (heating or fire on if needed) and I will make sure the buyers remove their shoes when they come inside.

The buyers who are serious about moving will be active rain, hail or shine.


It shocks a lot of people that thirty minutes is the most effective length of time for an open home.

Remember that an open home is a call to action to give all interested buyers the same time and opportunity to inspect your home.

The idea is to create an energy around your home that excites interested buyers. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that we get a volume of buyers through at the same time.

If the open length is too long, we may still get the same number of attendees but they won’t meet each other as they are spread across a long period of time.

If a buyer is showing strong interest and requires a second viewing, of course that is a longer appointment as they get the opportunity to take a closer look one-on-one.
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